“Transform 30″

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The Transform 30 Challenge is a great way to kick start your health goals in a way that is motivating and well supported so you can create health habits that last.  You will be part of a facebook community that helps to support and guided you through the challenge daily.  These supports on the facebook page include: recipes for meals, smoothies, and snacks, ideas for exercise drills, and everything you need to clean your body and get on the lasting path to wellness.  You will purchase a 4 month supply of the Trio (Garden, Orchard, Vineyard) Capsules and one order of Complete Protein Powder (choice of chocolate,vanilla or mixed packs of choc/vanilla).

The support for the challenge is free with purchase of the product.  You can either pay in full or spread the payment out over 4 months.  All products will be shipped upfront with both payment plans.  Please call or email me with any questions you have: 480-206-3605, lcavner@ssptaz.com.

To place your order Click Here: and purchase the trio capsules and one order of complete powder.  I promise this challenge will change your life!!!

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